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uLead 2018 Conference in Banff - April 15-18, 2018

Confirmed keynote presenters include Alberta’s Minister of Education, the Honourable David Eggen, Simon Breakspear (Sydney, Australia), Carol Campbell (OISE), Stephen Heppel (UK), Sandy Speicher (IDEO, Silicon Valley), and talented educational leaders from around the world.  Several additional Ministers of Education from around the world will also attend and participate in a panel discussion.  A full range of sessions will be offered in English and in French at uLead.

Registration for this conference with a global impact is now open .

You will find more information about the conference on the attached “Welcome” page tab at the top of this page.


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Distinguished Leadership Awards 2017-2018

The Council for School Leadership is pleased to invite nominations from throughout Alberta for the CSL Alberta Distinguished Leadership Awards with recipients being honoured in May.


The CSL Distinguished Leadership Awards creates a learning community of outstanding principals throughout Alberta who can share professionally, interact collegially and act as mentors to new colleagues.  It provides avenues for research and sharing of best practices.  The cadre of Distinguished Alberta School Leaders are people who are looking to challenge the status quo, improve learning in their contexts, and be equipped for higher levels of leadership.  These individuals will become role models in a vibrant network of  educational leaders with the confidence and capabilities to lead innovative change for 21st century learning - the Council for School Leadership.


Please consider nominating a deserving school leader for consideration for this honour.


To nominate a school leader click on the following link and complete your nomination online. http://tinyurl.com/CSL-Leadership.


*Once you have entered the nomination site you will be asked to make a short comment related to your nominee’s leadership in each of Alberta’s Principal Quality Leadership dimensions.  The attached CSL Distinguished Leadership Awards primer will provide you with additional information about how to complete the nomination form once you click on the link to nominate a colleague.


The deadline for nominations is midnight, March 31, 2018.  All nominees must be active members of the Council for School Leadership to be eligible to receive the award.


“What will I need to do?"

Once you have entered the nomination site you will be asked to make a short comment related to your nominee’s leadership in each of Alberta’s Principal Quality Practice Leadership dimensions.

You will be asked to provide an indication that your nominee has consented to being nominated (required) and provide the nominee’s school name, school telephone number, and email address. Your nominee must be a member of the Council for School Leadership to be eligible to receive the award (Nominees can join the CSL now at bit.ly/joincsl).


You will then be asked to enter your supporting evidence (several sentences) for your nominee’s leadership for each of Alberta’s Principal Quality Practice Competencies including;


•Fostering Effective Leadership

•Embodying Visionary Leadership

•Leading a Learning Community

•Providing Instructional Leadership

•Developing and Facilitating Leadership

•Managing School Operations and Resources

•Understanding and Responding to the Larger Societal Context


You will also be asked to describe a promising practice in leadership that your nominee, if selected to receive the award, would be prepared to share at a Council for School Leadership professional learning event in the following year. 


Prior to submitting the survey you will also have an opportunity to enter additional comments regarding the nominee, should you wish to do so.  Please consider nominating a worthy candidate today.


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Professional Learning Activities for School Leaders

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