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uLead 2021 Conference in Banff - April 11-13, 2021

Planning for uLead 2021 has already begun in earnest and the call for proposals for both English and French language sessions has already begun.  The theme for uLead 2021 is "Reimagining School Leadership" and seeks to be a provocation to attending delegates to think about the role of the school leader in leading teacher learning.  A particular emphasis will be made to examine the role of the school leader in helping improve teacher capacity, both individually and collectively, as the core capability of a leader of learning, whether as a school principal, a teacher leader, or a central office leader. The resulting conversation will range from how leaders support teachers to continually enhance their teaching practices, to how those leaders develop an understanding of how to design and lead professional learning approaches that can have a positive effect on student outcomes so that we might be intentionally be thinking about transforming our education system to ensure a vibrant public education system as we go forward.  A pre-conference workshop on Preparing Women for the School Leadership Journey will open shortly.



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Professional Learning Activities for School Leaders

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