uLead 2017 - The Summit of Educational Leadership


This year’s uLead conference will be – Part III of a 3 year Trilogy of uLead Summit events. At uLead 2015 we explored challenges and harm arising from the Global Education Reform Movement (G.E.R.M.) worldwide. At uLead 2016, we will explored new narratives for education and school leadership that are emerging through the world and engaged in a conversation about how to make those narratives live within our schools, school districts, and provinces.  

This year the conference will seek to equip those attending with the tools to create their own education story that can thrive and meet the needs of today’s students. The focus is on Agile Leadership and will seek to answer the kind of questions that will allow the agile leader to lead a learning community driven by a vision that seeks to get better all the time. They ask, "Where am I going to take this school or community next?" And "How will I lead this school or learning community on a radical incremental journey of growth, using the best of the past while designing for the future?"

Confirmed keynote presenters include The Hon. David Eggen (Minister of Education - Alberta), Simon Breakspear (Sydney, Australia), Jelmer Evers (The Netherlands), Dr. Dennis Shirley (Boston College), Pasi Sahlberg (Finland), Carol Campbell (OISE, Toronto), Gillian Hamilton (SCEL, Glasgow), The Hon. Adrian Piccoli (Minister of Education - NSW, Australia), Dr. Reshan Richards (Columbia University), The Hon. Kate Jones (Minister of Education - Queensland), Hannah Wilson (Oxfordshire, UK), Dr. Jim Watterston (Queensland, Australia), and talented educational leaders from around the world.

Visit our lineup page in the weeks to come for further news regarding the exciting range of presenters at this event as more keynote speakers are about to be announced.  A full range of sessions will also be offered in French at uLead 2017


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About uLead 2017 - The Summit of Educational Leadership

Welcome to  uLead 2017 -  the Summit of Educational Leadership!   This year’s conference is focussed on the theme of Agile Leadership.  This four day conversation on leadership will provide every delegate with an opportunity to both see a variety of models of innovative leadership and to also discuss the direction we should be moving in as school leaders and systems in our age.  A unique opportunity awaits to join educational leaders from around the world in the beautiful world heritage location of Banff, Alberta at one of the world’s premier conferences for school-based leaders, district-level leaders, and provincial and state education leaders.  The conference will be attended by over 1000 school leaders from around the world from April 9-12. 

uLead 2017 is sponsored by the Council for School Leadership - a Specialist Council of the Alberta Teacher's Association.

uLead 2017

Banff, Canada April 9-12, 2017

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uLead 2017 - The Summit of Educational Leadership will take place in Banff from April 9-12, 2017.

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